Rates: New Early Bird Special (In by 9:30am, out by 10pm)

Daily Parking Rates:
We accept Cash, Visa, and MasterCard for daily parking

*** Hours are charged in 30 minute increments *** Garage Closes at 10PM Daily

Incremental rate: $7 Per hour                                          
Maximum: $38.00 per Day
Early bird Special: $20.00                                                                                                                                                                              (Monday thru Friday only - in before 9:30AM & out by10PM.)                                                                                                    

Off peak rate 6PM - Closing:                                                                                                                                                                                                             $1 per hour (Note: Garage closes at 10PM. May differ on holidays. See Hours of Operation on home page.)                                                                                       

Motorcycle: $7.00 Flat Rate per day
Weekend Rate: $8.00 Flat Rate per day
Overnight Parking: $38.00 per night

After hours reopening fee: $58.00 as of February 16, 2019 ( FAQs page for more details)

Park & Ride Weekend Rate: $3.00 flat rate with validation (must exit the garage before 10PM. Validations good Saturday or Sunday only) For more information visit: www.chinatownparkandride.com
Select validation locations required from Chinatown and the Ferry building Information Booth

Monthly Parking Rates:
We accept Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard for monthly parking

Reserved Stall Monthly: $530 / month
Regular Monthly: $420.00 / month
Carpool Monthly: $210.00 / month (must enter the garage with 3 or more people in the vehicle)
Night Rate Monthly: $230.00/ month (enter the garage after 2:00 PM and exit before 8:00 AM - No weekend restriction)
Motorcycle Monthly: $120 / month

There is a $37 access fee for all new monthlies upon initial setup to be separate.



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Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation



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