Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Monday – Friday 4AM to 10PM
                  Saturday 7AM to 10 PM
                  Sunday 8AM to 10PM
Office: Monday – Friday 7:30AM to 5PM

Q: How do I retrieve my car after hours?
A: You will need to call the after hours phone # at (415) 450-8769. Keep calling until you reach the attendant. Do not leave a message.  A $58 reopening fee will be added to the daily parking rate. This fee is waived for Monthly and Debit Program users. If it is a holiday, parkers may not be able to retrieve their vehicle until the next business day due to no Reopening's. See Hours of Operation on the home page for details.

Q: Can I park overnight?
A: Yes. The cost is $38 per night up to 7 continuous days.

Q: I lost my monthly card….. Now what?
A: If you lose your monthly card simply call or stop by the office and we can re-issue another one
There is a $37 replacement card fee

Q: I lost my debit card….. Now what?
A: If you lose your debit card, call the garage immediately. The debit card account is the same as cash. The garage is not responsible for use on a lost or stolen card. Once a call for a lost or stolen card is received, the card will immediately be locked so that it can not be used until the card is either found or a new card is issued. However, the replacement card fee does apply.

Q:Can I switch between a monthly and a debit card?
A: Yes but you must create a separate account for each. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Can I set up for monthly auto payments?
A: You can set up commuter checks/cards and wage works through your place of work. Most companies offer this and has the added benefit of pre tax.

Q: How do I check my debit card balance or reload it?
A: Debit cards can be loaded at any of the garage cashier exits or at the garage office.
To check the balance of your debit card you must exit on the Clay Street exit (West Side of garage) or call the office.

Q: How do I cancel my monthly or debit card?
A: Monthly card holders must let us know of their intent to cancel by the 7th day of the month and we will cancel them effective the end of that month. Debit card holders can cancel at anytime

Q: When are monthly payments due?
A: On or before the last day of the month

Q: Where can I get a park and ride validation?
At participating merchants in the San Francisco China Town or the information booth at the Ferry building. For more information go to


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Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation



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