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The monthly program offers a wide variety of options. Monthly card holders pay a flat rate due on or before the last day of the month. Each has in & out privileges and is not subject to after hours reopening fees. You will never be turned away because of a full sign and you will have the use of every automobile entrance and exit in the facility. Go to Application

* Please contact us for full a disclosure of the monthly parking terms. A $38.00 activation fee applies to all new monthly sign ups.

Reserved Stall Monthly: $530 / month (Pick your own stall. Full in and out privileges 7 days/week. Reserved Monday thru Friday only)

Regular Monthly: $420.00 / month (Full in and out privileges)

Carpool Monthly: $210.00 / month (must enter the garage with 3 or more people in the vehicle)

Carpool Access Restrictions:
Entry must be made through the EAST Garage via the Clay Street entry lanes. Three persons must be in the vehicle on every 1st entry of the business day. Failure to have three persons in the vehicle will result in the permanent revocation of monthly parking privileges. As a carpool monthly parker your access card may be turned off during routine carpool inspections to verify you are entering with three or more people in your vehicle.

Night Rate Monthly: $230.00/ month (enter the garage after 2:00 PM and exit before 8:00 AM—No weekend restriction)

Night Monthly Access Restrictions:
Each night access card is restricted from 8:01 AM – 1:59 PM. Use of the access card or leaving the vehicle in the garage during these hours is a violation of the card holder agreement and will result in the permanent revocation of parking privileges. The access card becomes active and usable from 2 PM to 8 AM daily. Night access monthly parkers do not have access to park vehicles after the garage has closed at 10 PM. Night access parkers leaving their vehicle in the garage during regular business hours are responsible for regular daily charges.

Motorcycle Monthly: $120 / month

Motorcycle Access Restrictions:
Motorcycle access cards may only be used on the Washington Street Motorcycle Entry. The access card will not operate on any other lane. All motorcycles are required to park in designated motorcycle stalls located in the West Street, Mezzanine, Basement, and East Street, Motorcycle monthly parkers are not allowed to park in compact or full-sized parking stalls. After 7 PM the motorcycle entry is closed and all motorcycle entering the garage must enter on Clay Street by pulling a ticket. All tickets pulled must be brought to the cashier on exit from the garage.


Debit Card:
The Debit access card is a pre-loaded access card much like the Cal-Trans “Fast Track”, The Bart “Clipper” or AC Transit’s “Translink”. Under this program, the parker pays the daily posted rates of the parking facility including any special discount or event rates such as the Good Morning Special. Go to Application

How it Works:
The card is loaded with $200.00 or more and the cards balance decreases with every use. The cards benefit is in its speedy entry and exit from the facility. The daily parking charge is removed from the card on exit from the garage and charges are in accordance to the posted garage rates including any event rates or special discounts such as the good morning rate. The Debit card parker can enter and exit on the either side of the facility. Being able to avoid the cashier lines can be a great advantage on some of the garages busier days.

Debit Cards compared to Monthly Cards:
The benefit of this card comes in the pay per use aspect of daily parking. If a commuter only drives to work three to four days per week, it is not cost effective to purchase monthly parking. Much like the monthly card, the debit card alleviates the requirement for parkers to wait in an exit line day after day. Unlike the monthly card, the Debit card does not allow in-and-out privileges. This means that if a Debit Card user leaves the garage and re-enters, he or she will pay for each exits as calculated off of the posted daily rates.

Debit Cards compared to Daily Parking:
The debit card parking program is really a middle ground between the daily parking and the monthly parking. This plan recognizes the importance of our return customers that have not found a monthly parking plan beneficial to their schedules. There is absolutely no difference between the rates paid by daily parkers and the rates paid by the debit card parkers. The only real differences come in the debit card parkers ability to make one bulk payment as opposed to waiting in a cashier line every day and their ability to enter the facility even when the garage full sign is out. Unlike the daily parkers, a debit card parker will never be turned away.
Debit Card Benefits:

  • Never turned away by a garage full sign.
  • Pay per use. Never pay again for a day you don't park.
  • Use the Fast Exit Debit & Monthly only West garage exits. Avoid cashier lines.
  • Free valet assist parking
  • Convenient, Don’t need cash or credit cards.
  • No late charges
  • Accepts Wage works and Commuter Check of any denomination.
  • Reload card without visiting the garage office.
  • Usage and fee statements available upon request.
  • Ability to join or discontinue this program at any time without 30 day notice or waiting for the 1st of the month.
  • Any balance remaining on card at the time of cancellation is refundable as long as the card was not loaded with Commuter Checks or Wage Works.
  • A $38.00 activation fee + the minimum starting debit value of $200.00

How to Apply?
Stop by the Golden Gateway Garage office during office hours or contact us to sign up for the debit card program. You will need to pay the minimum of $200 to put a balance on your new debit card as well as $38 for the activation fee.
If you aren’t available during the garage’s office hours call us at (415) 433-4722 and we can get the process started over the phone and through email!
Lost your card?
If you lose your debit card, call the garage immediately. Because the debit card account is the same as cash, the garage is not responsible for use on a lost or stolen card. Once a call for a lost or stolen card is received, the card will immediately be locked so that it can not be used until the card is either found or a new card is issued. 

How to Re-load Your Debit Card
Re-loading a debit card can be done at any of the garage cashier exits or at the garage office. Ampco System Parking has made the process of reloading a debit card as seamless as possible. The card balance will be displayed every time the debit card holder exits the facility. When the parker notices the balance getting low, he or she should exit through the cashier exit or visit the garage office to add value to the card.

Valet Assist:
In the event that all self parking stalls are filled then we offer valet assisted parking. This service is free to all parkers. Our team of professionals provides excellent service for all of your parking needs. If you valet your car and are in a hurry to leave the facility you can use the call ahead phone # (415) 433-4741 and we will have your car ready to go.

Please contact us for further information

The Park and Ride Program offers validations from merchants from San Francisco’s Chinatown and the Ferry Building information center. Have your parking ticket stamped (not a sticker) and present it to the cashier for a $3 all day flat rate on the weekends only.


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